How to Customize Your Facebook Page: 7 Tips and Tricks As the hub of your business presence on a (nearly) 1.6 billion-person social network, your Facebook Page has the potential to be a valuable marketing asset. From educating prospective customers to sharing company updates and educational resources with your existing customers, you can use your Facebook Page to target … Weiterlesen

Meta Descriptions: The What, Why and How Meta descriptions. Blegh; sounds complicated, right? Two years ago if someone would have asked me about a meta description I would have assumed they were trying to talk nerdy to me. It sounds like code, and something that is way over my head. Meta descriptions, despite their stereotype, can … Weiterlesen

Instagram’s Kevin Systrom, Unfiltered BACK TO THE FUTURE? Kevin Systrom is the founder of image and video-sharing app Instagram. ‘If you look all the way back to the way people communicated initially, there were pictograms, hieroglyphics and cave paintings,’ he says. Are humans reverting to the habits of prehistoric times? Kevin Systrom, co-founder … Weiterlesen

There are now more than 11,000 bots on Facebook Messenger It’s been nearly three months since Facebook announced a platform for building bots that operate inside its Messenger chat app. The idea, Facebook said, was to connect people more directly to businesses and automate their interactions, for informational or commercial purposes. Since then, more than 11,000 bots have been … Weiterlesen