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Karl Schlagenhauf is a serial entrepreneur in the field of new technologies and has founded numerous start-ups in the high-tech business in Europe and in the USA. He was CEO of IFAO (Institute for applied organizational research) and ADI Software, a company with the focus on RDBMS, Multimedia and Internet-Applications in industry and banking, which he both spun off from the University of Karlsruhe in the 1980ies. He stepped down as CEO in 2003, is now chairman of the board of ADI Innovation and runs a Family Office. He also serves on the board of companies where he is invested and has served on the boards of several technology companies like AP Automation +Productivity (now Asseco Solutions), CAS Software, JPK Instruments and Web.de (now Atevia). Karl Schlagenhauf is an advisor to private equity firms and governmental bodies and also a coach and business angel to young entrepreneurs, who want to take the effort to turn ideas and inventions into innovations and successful businesses. While his focus has always been on leading edge technologies and their impact on social systems and the delicate orchestration of human, intellectual und financial resources, he extended his interest from software, electronics and manufacturing to the life sciences and finally to the converging technologies (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno), the Internet of things and the Makers movement. He holds a Master's degree in Economics/Industrial Engineering, a PhD in Philosophy and a "Venia Legendi" for Sociology and Theory of Science from University of Karlsruhe (now KIT).

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Internet of Things (IoT) die nächste industrielle Revolution oder nur der nächste Hype-Heissluftballon der durchs global village fliegt?

Es gibt Revolutionen, die kommen über Nacht und keiner hat mit ihnen gerechnet. Andere werden minutiös geplant, finden aber nie statt. Andere passieren schleichend und das sind oft die wirkungsvollsten. Internet of Things scheint in diese Kategorie zu gehören. Kaum jemand, der an der Weiterentwicklung der IKT arbeitet oder sich vor … Weiterlesen