Time for e-commerce companies to explore alternative delivery solutions


Manish received an SMS from the e-commerce company he had placed an order with saying his package would be delivered soon. He then started getting incessant phone calls whilst he was busy at work from the delivery courier company, asking him directions to drop off the package. An irritated Manish snapped at the delivery guy saying he was busy and asked for the delivery to be made the next day.

Ishan had a bike and his friend told him that he could earn a good salary and commissions by joining the delivery team of a courier company. However, the money was not easily earned. Locating the residential addresses was not easy, negotiating with the adamant security guard was equally a challenge and after all those obstacles he would find the door locked or sometimes the CoD amount was not ready and he was told to come the next day. Even after lugging a 30-kg bag on his back and working hard he could not achieve the productivity targets set by his supervisor.

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