Uber is now offering flat fee $5 carpool rides in Manhattan during peak hours


Good news for New Yorkers who like deals and don’t mind sharing a cab ride with a complete stranger or two: Uber is sending out notices on Monday that its carpool service will now be a flat $5, but only in Manhattan below 110th Street and only during the peak hours of 7–10AM and 5–8PM, Monday through Friday.

There’s another catch, though, and this is a big one: Uber says riders will be prompted to walk a few blocks to a particular intersection in order to align the routes more efficiently. In other words, in order to qualify for the cheap fare, you’ll need to hoof it to what is essentially a bus stop, but for Uber. And there may be more walking involved at the end of your ride, because your driver will likely drop you off a few blocks from your actual destination. Again, this is in the service of efficiency, Uber says. “Corner pickups and drop-offs make driving routes more direct, so you’ll save time and arrive at your destination faster,” the company says in a blog post.

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