Opentopic: How content marketing maximizes the return on investment

Christian Jorg talks about Opentopic
Christian Jorg talks about Opentopic

Christian Jorg, CEO of Opentopic, talks about cognitive content marketing and how it helps enterprises maximize their digital marketing and ROI. The content marketing platform Opentopic, which has been launched in 2012, is an innovative software company and already the third start-up company established by Christian Jorg.

Jorg began his career at BERTELSMANN, where he signed responsible for developing innovative businesses related to new technologies. After that he has been Senior Vice President at ACOTEL Interactive, a worldwide mobile entertainment company, UNIVERSAL Music Group and at GLG, a consulting service to business professionals around the world. At the dmexco 2015 we were asking Christian Jorg, how content marketing can profitably change your own business affairs.

What is content marketing?

Smart marketers already understand that traditional marketing is getting less and less effective for a long-term relationship with their customers. Content marketing changes the way of customers and companies getting in touch. But what exactly is content marketing and which impact does it have?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Basically, the focus of content marketing does not lie on selling products, it’s more about a new way of communication. The purpose of content marketing is to attract customers with valuable content, eliciting a change and stimulation of consumer behavior. The essence of this strategy is easily to define: valuable information is rewarded with customers’ loyality and business. But targeting the right customers with the right content and engaging them takes hard work, patience and a lot of testing. And this is where Opentopic enters the stage.

How does Opentopic works?

“A content strategy should always aim for a transaction – closing a transaction with content is what Opentopic believes is success”. It’s about relevant content and raising the conversion rate for the own business in order to the specific KPI’s which have to be set up in the company strategy: Different types of engagement, new leads (like signing up for a newsletter) or transactions can be made measurable. Opentopics offers companies one source tool for discovering and structuring high quality content, connecting it with others and distributing it in a custom-made form on different web channels. Furthermore, Opentopic’s transaction content engine has a machine learning recommendation system that selects specific, targeted content based on the company’s audience profiles.  So, the data-driven marketing not only improves the type of content spread by the company but also results in more relevant, higher-converting shares.

What about the future?

Following Christian Jorg, Germany, but also other countries, are starting to get more open-minded to content marketing. Content is the present and future of successful marketing and targeting. “Good content marketing makes a person stop – read –think –behave differently.” That is the most important contrast to its brother, the traditional marketing. Nowadays, companies can’t be a leader anymore without thinking about a good content marketing strategy. 

The vision of Opentopic is clear: “We want to automate more and more of the work we do for our customers […] using technology to make it easier to them“. 

So…Let’s talk about content marketing, not marketing! What about you?

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