Are we entering new dimensions?

“Entering New Dimensions” was one of the first summits at this year’s dmexco 2014. Scott Ferber, Chairman & CEO with Videology, Rob Norman, Global Chief Digital Officer with GroupM, David Shing, Digital Prophet with AOL and Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer with Vivaki, had an exciting chat about how the Internet of Things and the ongoing connectivity will influence the industry’s approach to consumers.

Since it is obvious that the internet of things will influence our entire life while connecting us with various devices and the global environment, Shing sees it as a topic for automotives not advertising. In his mind the driving force – when it comes to technology and things like social media – is self-love. Obviously, self-love drives the people to communicate, share, and involve other people in their life. Communication and push notifications right on the smart watch makes it interesting for users, not the fact of getting the current time. Therefore it is not only the usability but rather the value we have to focus on. Thus, for Rishad connectivity is the enabler to find the right person at the right place and time, but doing the right decision is what finally matters. Our digital landscape and marketing plans are subjected by movements. The classic understanding of the 4 P’s will develop into new dimensions including Platform, Partners, Process and People, of that we have to think about. “Platforms” of today are dynamic and may not necessarily dominate in the future (such as myspace), “Partners” stands for open minded and global companies, “Process” underlines the force of innovation whereas “People” includes the thesis that marketing is going to become self-marketing with a growing amount of service utilities.

In summary it will be more than ever the additional value that matters. Also, we will see more content packed in exciting stories in futures advertising. In other words, with only Bits and Bytes, the connectedness delivers, we lose the blood.