Stuttgart Media Congress 2017 – overview of the local Media Scene

Stuttgart Media Congress
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Last November our team had the pleasure of covering the annual Stuttgart Media Congress. A city-based event that yearly brings us the latest updates of the Media field, focusing on Digital Transformation and the creative approaches needed to overcome its many challenges.

While it may be familiar to some, we would like to summarize some key facts about the congress.

Made in Stuttgart

Since 2010 the Regional Institution for Communication in Baden Württemberg (LFK) and Stuttgart Media University (HdM) work together to organize the event while proving to be the perfect combination between practice and academics. Stuttgart Media Congress has already earned a well-deserved reputation on the south Germany region, as proved by returning familiar faces and new assistants every year.

What is it to be found on Stuttgart Media Congress?

An entire day filled with fresh ideas and perspectives with experts of the local and national media industry. It is conceived to provide orientation towards the future of Media and its possibilities and challenges, as well as highlighting the creative potential of the Stuttgart region.

2017 Edition: Craft Media

Every year the Congress takes a new motto that serves as guideline for its agenda and sets a substantial tone for the event. Carefully selected by it’s organizers, 2017’s motto was Craft Media and presented five talks, one podium discussion and four panels.

As Internet Innovators we were there with our cameras to bring you some insights on the original Stuttgart Media Scene. Our video interviews with experts were held in German, but we will summarize the most interesting interviews for our English readers in the weeks to come.

Enjoy discovering Stuttgart’s Media Scene with us.