The dmexco experience

The last weeks have been quite busy for us: We launched our blog, prepared everything for our trip to cologne, had a blast at dmexco 2014 and sorted out our experiences afterwards. Here is our personal resume.

Fourteen people, one blog: Lots of people, lots of possibilities to cover all the different aspects of dmexco. However, we quickly realized we were not over staffed! Some people checked out the booths and all the global players on the fair, others went to the debate hall and the seminars and had the opportunity to watch some great speakers and interesting discussions. We learned a lot of new things but also realized that lots of global companies face the same problems we discuss in our seminars at college.

In addition to that, we had the possibility to talk to numerous experts at dmexco. We interviewed more than 15 people about their views on digital marketing and rising trends. Although they all had different professions, and therefore a different view on the topics, most of them agreed on one key point: The digital change is faster than expected and makes it absolutely necessary to think outside the box. Young people should embrace the opportunities these changes might bring. We shouldn’t be afraid; We should be curious, attentive and creative.

Thus, making it was even more inspiring to meet so many curious and creative people during our “Elevator pitch”: Since our booth was next to the new founded Start up village, we asked young Start-ups to tell us their ideas in 60 seconds. We were surprised by their ideas, enthusiasm and persuasiveness and we are looking forward how their ideas turn out in the future.

So we definitely see the Start-up village as a new success; we are not the only ones. In an interview with Frank Schneider, who is the director for Marketing, Sales & Operations at dmexco, he said that they are quite satisfied with their new project and that there will be a Start up village in 2015 as well.

We also got a compliment: Frank Schneider liked our blog-project and wants to work with us in the future as well. So maybe there will be a dmexco 2015 for us again!