17 interesting Start-ups at dmexco 2014

Only a few days till dmexco 2014 starts in Cologne. The offer of speeches, workshops and presentations is huge. You are interested in Start-ups and you have still time in your personal dmexco-schedule? Then you should not miss the stage at the Startup-Village. Here a short overview:

adsquare GmbH:
adsquare is Europe’s first independent platform for mobile audience targeting. At the moment there is no other solution for targeting which allows responding target groups cross-platform on mobile websites and apps. This is the reason why adsquare developed an own solution for that topic. Their solution translates “location” into relevant information about target groups and user characteristics. This information is saved in a grid structure to classify mobile users on the go. So adsquare allows predicting when and where target groups are interested in products or services.

The speech at DMEXCO: Mobile Audience Targeting – Leveraging consumers’ local context to programmatic advertising.

Daniel Rieber, director business development, talks about the real power of location. On his speech, you can learn about privacy-friendly approach and he presents the platform of adsquare with campaign insights from a/b testings.

AutoGraph developed a pioneering technology, which adds accurate and private personalization layer to apps and websites. Autograph can figure out 5500 dimensions about people, what allows businesses to serve what matters to them, for example offers, programs or music.

The speech at DMEXCO: Beaconing Regent Street – How Beacons Have Enabled Shops to Compete with Online using AutoGraphs.

Since Apple introduced iBeacons in 2013, the technology has excited the retail industry. Beacons enable physical retailers to better compete against their e-commerce competitors. Early trials of beacons by large retailers have not been successful for various reasons. But the Regent Street Association (RSA) had a vision for retail beacons. RSA worked with AutoGraph to develop their multi-brand beacon vision.
Henry Lawson speaks about the Regent Street app and how it aggregates all the shops into a unified experience for mobile shoppers, uses AutoGraph’s personal interest graph to ensure that beacons send only highly relevant messages to the shopper, and helps protect users’ data privacy anonymity.

brands4friends is Germanys no. 1 shopping club. The platform provides daily sales campaigns for designer fashion, fashion and lifestyle. There is no fixed sortiment but they have daily new offers which are till 70 percent more favorable. Moreover beside the daily offers they have an outlet. The registration to the platform is free for users.

The speech at DMEXCO: Interactive Crowd Experiences – Der neue, digitale Kanal in der Live-Kommunikation. (DE)

On future trend crowd gaming and audience participation crowds of people intervene into action by body movement, sounds and mobiles. Viewers become to mobile joystick and control games and other applications on displays like cinema screens and video walls. The result: hugely emotive, moving moments and multi-sensory, involved crowd experiences with a wide field of application in adver-/edu-/info- and entertainment. Which scenarios are possible? Where goes the development? And what about the value of this advertising contact?

Cleoo is a technology company wich was founded in Swiss and is located in London. They are operating interantional from the Philippines to Canada, a lot of their business clients come from for example Switzerland, the UK, Dubai and Canada. The company focussed on generating scalable, personalized solutions for web presences for small businesses.

ClipVilla is an expert for online video creation which was founded in 2012 in Bremen. They have a wide range of products and achievements for video marketing like for example conversion rate optimization with videos, product videos for e-commerce, individual video solutions as well as consulting for YouTube and video content marketing. With help of the ClipVilla technology they allow the production of high-class advertising videos with the ClipVilla webeditor. The technology can be connected with content management systems, shop systems and web portals because of their own API interface.

The speech at DMEXCO: Video Commerce: Vom Ladenhüter zum Top-Seller. (DE)

Videos generate more leads, conversions and sales. Which video format increase recommendation and awareness? And how much it costs, to equip an e-commerce shop with product videos? Jens Neumann, chief executive of ClipVilla, talks about how companies should use videos in commerce.

ConversionBoosting offers conversion know-how on demand, for example practice guides, market overviews, webinar records or e-learnings, so you can do conversion optimization on your own. They thematize website testing, tracking, onsite targeting, usability and website conception. Moreover to their offerings belong trainings and advanced educations, events for know-how exchange and strategic consulting. ConversionBoosting has 12.000 members and is probably the worldwide biggest business community for conversion optimization.

The speech at DMEXCO: Agenturen waren gestern! Nehmen Sie Ihre Conversion-Optimierung selbst in die Hand. (DE)

Conversion optimization is a strategic instrument and must not provide to agencies or extern service providers. Jörg Dennis Krüger talks about how to do conversion optimization in-house right and which important role service providers are playing.

The US Company Datorama is a software-as-a­service big data management platform for ad agencies and advertisers. The platform enables the advertiser to see the efficiency of each individual marketing channel. Datorama offers an easy and new way of Marketing Data Management by integrating marketing channels and creating a Marketing specific data model. Their main topics are Big Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics and Cross-Channel Analytics. The company is located in New York City, USA.

The speech at DMEXCO: I’ll Get Back to You On That!

A discussion about the future of marketing analytics. Today, multichannel insights can be ready before lunchtime. Are we witnessing a new revolution as marketing becomes increasingly dependent upon data and analytics?

D+S 360° Webservice GmbH:
“D+S 360° Webservice” is a start-up of D+S company group. The company offers its customers future-oriented technologies and innovative solutions for web based customer service. The company is located in Hamburg, Germany.

All services from a single source -“HQ Simplified Business” offers all round solutions for advertising agencies. The magic word is “modular software” which can be adjusted individually for the special needs of every client. That means no more interface losses for your agency.

The speech at DMEXCO: Der Agenturteufel Admin: Wie man Arbeit einfacher gestaltet. (DE)

Tobias Hagenau demonstrates live on stage how agencies can easily optimize their work-flows and processes.

Mehrwerk Markenkommunikation:
Former known as “Medium Werbeagentur” is a professional cross medial agency with 36 years of experience. Their main topics are Touchpoint Marketing, corporate communication, Digital Media and Digital Services.

More than ever, todays corporates have to implement mobile concepts and solutions in order to generate best result in mobile media reach. Since 2007 “PadCloud“ is an expert in mobile native apps and offers a range of proven solutions- ready to implemented today.

Pixalate was created with one purpose; to simplify advertising analytics for advertisers and publishers. Pixalate’s analytics suite fills an unmet need for real-time campaign tracking, optimization, and reporting. Besides improving existing technologies, Pixalate has created first-to-market white box products for viewability, user interaction mapping, and media discrepancy tracking. Pixalate is located in Santa Monica, USA.

The speech at DMEXCO: Fifty shades of Advertising Fraud, by Jalal Nasir.

Fraud is now considered the number one threat to the online advertising industry. IAB reported earlier this year that almost 30% of the advertising impressions are fraudulent. In this talk, Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate will trace the digital footprint left behind by the dubious Internet traffic, fifty different fraud types and how the advertising industry can protect itself from this growing threat.

ReachAd is the leading Online-Marketer in Germany located in Munich. The company was founded in April 2013. The online-market is a rapidly market. Therefore, ReachAd GmbH combines the online channels E-Mail and D3A to reach users efficiently.

The speech at DMEXCO: Retargeting 2.0 – optimale Nutzung der Synergien der Onlinekanäle E-Mail und D3A. (DE)

The online-market is a rapidly market. Therefore, ReachAd GmbH combines the online channels E-Mail and D3A to reach users efficiently.

Seeding Alliance:
Seeding Alliance GmbH was founded in November 2011 by Coskun Tuna and Cevahir Ejder starting a marketplace for Blog-Marketing. The company is located in Cologne, Germany.

The speech at DMEXCO: nativendo – Native Advertising Vermarktung & AdServer Technologie (DE)

Native Advertising (Advertorials) as a online marketing tool is responsible for several discussions in the advertising world since 2013. nativendo is a AdServer technology by Seeding Alliance GmbH, they offer new possibilities for editorial content as advertisement.

Social Payment Systems:
Social Payment Systems SPS GmbH provides social media marketing services for marketers and individuals. It offers “Pay with a Tweet”, a social payment system that enables users to create their own campaign and spread it via social networks. The company also provides “Pay with a Tweet Professional” for marketing strategies. “Pay with a Tweet” is used by musicians, authors, shops, and other companies to promote their content. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

The speech at DMEXCO:Social Currency – The simple story of going viral

Anna Abraham, CEO of “Pay with a Tweet” will explain how to integrate social currency into your marketing strategy. You will learn how to create social buzz for your product and how social currency can turn into real revenue. “Pay with a Tweet” is the leading social payment system and currently available in 51 countries and 12 languages.

TVSMILES is the first program that rewards you for watching TV. It is very simple. The user shall spend time during the advertising break playing games. Then they can collect SMILES and get some discounts. TVSmiles was founded in 2013 by Frederic Westerberg, Gaylord Zach and Christian Heins. The company is located in Berlin.

The speech at DMEXCO: Schließung der Lücke zwischen klassischer TV Werbung und den Point of Sale über den 2nd Screen. (DE)

TVSMILES combines classic TV commercials and second screen. The company offers via APP a bonus program with gamification elements.

Yashi was founded in 2007 by Jay Gould. The company´s headquarters are in Toms River, New Jersey. Yashi focuses on programmatic video advertising with an emphasis on location focused targeting.

Sure, that there is something interesting for you. Enjoy your stay at dmexco 2014.