DMEXCO 2014 – Agency directors on stage

An advertising agency – this is where creativity begins! Thinking of such advertising agencies, several pictures come to our mind: Young, crazy and stylish people, on the one hand long-haired nerds, on the other hand well-dressed hipsters, brainstorming in groups about a specific topic. Their work starts late in the morning and it is just normal staying there until the late evening. Payment is low and nobody works in an agency for more than five years, because of stress and long working hours. But hold on! Are these “pictures” reality or are most of them just pure prejudices?

We are looking forward to getting more impressions of the daily work, pleasures and challenges agency directors have to face every day. Therefore DMEXCO 2014is going to present the following speeches, workshops and debates focusing on “agency matters”. Have a closer look to these personalities:

Matt Blackborn started his media career in the UK in 1989 with CIA Group. After 15 years in UK media business he took on the CEO role for Middle East and North Africa based in Dubai in the year 2005. Currently, Matt is the President for Emerging Markets at Starcom Media Vest and is going to speak at DMEXCO 2014 about Automation across screens. Advertising across screens is a challenging task and will take place on automated platforms within the next three years.

Another speaker of the Starcom MediaVest Group is Iain Jacob, since 2011 President Dynamic Markets. At DMEXCO 2014 he will debate about the Marketers’ Dream: Adressable TV. Addressable TV seems to be closer to reality than consumers might think. Is it really a dream, or is it becoming reality? We’ll find out at DMEXCO 2014.

Georg Berzbach, since 2013 Chief Operating Officer of Group M Germany, is going to talk about the massive change in the media industry. Collaboration or competition? Which role will media agencies and their networks play in a more and more automated media economy in the future? It’s time for a change! Georg is going to discuss it with Matthias Dang (IP Deutschland), Dr. Alwin Mahler (Google), Andreas Nassauer (Deutsche Telekom) and Peter Würtenberger (Axel Springer SE) .

Jerry Buhlmann has over 25 years of experience in the media and advertising industry. In July 2013 Jerry became the second non-Japanese Executive Officer of Dentsu Inc. At DMEXCO 2014 Jerry is going to talk about how agencies can help advertisers mitigate the cost of complexity to ensure they innovate the way their brands are built

For 30 years Mainardo de Nardis has approached every client relationship with the same passion and commitment. As CEO of OMD Worldwide he is going to debate with CEO of IPG Mediabrands, Prashant Kumar, and the Global President of Havas Worldwide, Kate Robertson, about their insights concerning new advertising strategies.
Will the media economy lose its relevance and be taken over by the growing market of modern technology and gadgets? They are going to debate about this and more questions regarding the digital factor. This exciting discussion is going to be moderated by David Doty, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). He leads IAB efforts in advancing branding in digital, research and measurement, agency outreach, marketing and communications, and international relations.

OMD Germany, the second largest media agency group in Germany, will provide an exclusive „Media Map“ where you can map out the future of the media and advertising markets in a time-lapse until 2025. At DMEXCO 2014 Manfred Kluge, CEO of OMD Germany, will take a close look at this report and discuss industry trends in „Map the future!“.

In addition, there are a lot more remarkable highlights at DMEXCO 2014. Decide by yourself which one of them you definitely need to see. Therefor choose your own schedule for your visit at the DMEXCO. We are looking forward to exciting, enlighten insights of digital marketing topics at DMEXCO 2014. See you there!