Dmexco 2014 – Opening Summit: Entering new Dimensions

It was quite ambitious, when Matthias Ehrlich, President of the “Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft -BVDW”, announced to reach the mark of 30.000 exposition visitors this year. 30.000 people talking about digital marketing, internet of things and technology trends. As a matter of course, was quite excited what the organizers would do to make that announcement reality. When arriving at the Congress Hall for the first summit, the exponential growth of the fair was notable. Huge crowds of visitors are just waiting to get into a perfectly arranged conference hall illuminated in purple and blue colors.

Here are some of the outstanding impressions of the first dmexco day:

  • There are new 4P’s to come in form of Platform, Partner, Process and People (Rishad)
  • Technology is everywhere and there is no chance to avoid it. Even now there are more people using a mobile phone than a toothbrush. (Bough)
  • Looking at the next generation of marketing there are three buzzwords to remind: data, creativity and utility. (Roth)
  • “Information is power” and to get the right information at the right time without asking for it is the future of search engines and technology. (Justus)
  • The challenge for brands is bringing the brand and the consumer at one point together. (Buhlmann)
  • Winner of the Challenge Award 2014 is the second skin technology by Marina Biersack and Elise Bonacina.
  • The value of inventions will always outbalance the lack and fear of security aspects (Sheehy)
  • The perfect moment – the “n’th moment” – is to be identified as accurately as possible when it comes to communication with user and people (Wong)

First day – great day! See you tomorrow!