Open source Europe calls for self-determination

One Way: Open Source Europe calls for self-determination

The scrapping of the Safe Harbor data transfer agreement between the US and the European Union by the European Court of Justice is a pivotal moment in the symbiotic relationship between technology and political ideology. A moment of self-determination, it’s the time open-source will make its mark on the world-stage.

Opentopic: How content marketing maximizes the return on investment

Christian Jorg talks about Opentopic

Christian Jorg, CEO of Opentopic, talks about cognitive content marketing and how it helps enterprises maximize their digital marketing and ROI. The content marketing platform Opentopic, which has been launched in 2012, is an innovative software company and already the third start-up company established by Christian Jorg. Jorg began his career … Read More

Are digital cosmopolitans ruling or ruining the world?

Ethan Zuckermann, Director of Civic Media MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

We all seem to effortlessly communicate across gulfs and thus engage with global issues, from politics, to war, to climate change. We imagine ourselves living lives that are not limited by boundaries and cultures. We are digital cosmopolitans or “citizens of the universe” – always on, always connected. It is … Read More

SEO – Game Over?

Search Engine Optimization

One Google Update is following the other, that’s why internet marketers predict the impending death of Search Engine Optimization for several years. But is this really true? Is SEO going to die? The high number of updates Google applies to its algorithm is increasingly affecting the possibilities of identifying and … Read More

How to Learn the Digital Transformation

Change is ubiquous – in our daily life and also in the working environment. This is not only because of new technologies that enable the change, but also due to more instable and fast altering environments in the economical world: the buzzword digital transformation is at the center of this … Read More